Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Vintage car at British-American gas station

A simple way you can get more prepared for an emergency is to keep your gas tank full. In the event of an emergency, especially a national one, gas lines can fill up quickly. Think back to that horrible day in September, 2001. Many of us experienced lines at gas stations – there were rumors of gas shortages and spikes in prices, and many of us were concerned about getting out of large cities. Some just wanted to get home from work.

Turns out, there’s some other good reasons to stay full as well. Besides being prepared, here’s three other reasons to keep your gas tank full:

1. According to some sources, condensation can occur when a tank is not full. The reasoning is that there’s a void left in your gas tank, that’s full of water-vapor filled air. The water vapors can condense and get in to your fuel.

2. It’s easier on your fuel filters because the bottom of the tank can have sediment.

3. Gasoline cools an electric fuel-pump motor. So when your tank is low, the pump will suck in air. This creates heat and can cause the fuel pump to wear out early and it could fail, making for a very costly expense.


A full tank of gas will help you sleep a bit better at night. So on your way home today, or on your way out in the morning, stop by and fill up.


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