When the Lights Go Out, Will You Still Be Able to Screw?

Will You Still Be Able To Screw

When the lights go out, will you have the emergency tools you need to screw, dig, or cut? You’ll need tools to dig, cut, fasten and and move things. And you’ll need good protection to keep your hands free of nasty little cuts that can cause big problems. Find out what’s on my list and please comment on what your plan is to help us all be more prepared!

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Do You Have 5 Ways to Light The Night During a Power Outage?

Oil Lamp at Sunset

Instead of suffering through the next power outage with inadequate lighting, take charge of your future and properly outfit your family in the lighting department. It will serve both the current SHTF coming at you in the form of any number of weather emergencies, but should the very worst happen, you’re also not just hanging on – you’re actually having a good time. And you can more easily lend a hand to your neighbors or your extended family who didn’t prepare when you’re properly outfitted.

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Survival Blankets – 7 Ways They Can Save Your Life or Your Sanity

Survival Blanket

It’s 45 degrees and raining. Your last backpacking trip of the season has run into a snag – the weather was supposed to be fine and mild, but instead is dripping and cold.

The boots you wore for the weather you expected have sprung a leak and your right foot is shriveled and contributing to an overall feeling of soggy malaise. You make camp and start a smokey, barely-there fire, but you quickly realize that you did not pack the rain fly for your tent. And it’s already leaking.

Now what?

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