Bug Out With This Skill and You’ll Always Have Shelter


Learn how to always have a roof over your head – no matter what happens.

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The little river is rising, and is about to break its banks. When it does, the once little river will become an all-consuming tsunami-like wave of water and will gobble up your sweet home. But it won’t take you. You’re taking your bug out bag and your loved ones and doing just that – bugging out.

You’ve had your eye on this awesome family tent for some time, but never had a chance to get it. You’ve got to make do with what you have. It’s OK, because what you happen to have is a few survival blankets and know-how. It may not be glamping, but it sure as heck beats the public shelter.

Good thing you learned how to make a survival shelter from a blanket from these clever chaps on the interwebs:


Survival Shelter by a Late Boyscout

This fella, the Late Boyscout, puts together a nice survival shelter using a survival blanket. It’s a great, short-yet-detailed video – easy to remember if you need to.

Here’s where you can get the top-rated hooded survival blanket he uses in this video. You could also use the hood part for storing small things like waterproof matches.

If you’re looking for a blanket that will help signal for help, get the Red so you are seen. But if you’re considering more of a survival situation or are an outdoorsy type, the Olive blanket may suit you better – you may not want to be seen. 🙂


Five Two Minute Survival Shelter

Brian calls this a “Five Minute” survival shelter, but he really starts in at about 1:30 mark and goes to about the 3:30 mark .  So I’m calling it a two-minute survival shelter for our purposes here. It’s pretty impressive:

To make a shelter like this, you’ll need one of these recommended survival blankets.


The Five Ounce Shelter

Two lightweight mylar survival blankets brought together with some gorilla tape. This is a marvelous shelter that weighs less than a deck of cards:


Mylar Pup Tent and So Much More

Die-hard survivalists may eschew the simple mylar survival blanket, but Woodsman has it down. He shows us not only how to make a pup tent, but also how we can collect water and Zoolander ourselves to boot. Pretty clever!

Mylar survival blankets are inexpensive – you can get a bunch for just a few bucks.

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