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I was recently fortunate enough to guest post over at on the subject of making your food store portable through the use of moveable storage racks. In the post, I promised sources for the items discussed. Here goes:

Wire Storage Racks

Amazon – I put the shelves I mainly use in my online “store”. They are lighter duty, but work for many things. And the price is excellent.

Costco – these heavy-duty shelves are of superb quality. I’ve used them in my family’s product manufacturing facilities for storing heavy items.

Uline – they have some amazing, high-end, systems. I love the sliding shelving system – turn aisles into usable space and increase storage up to 43%.

Storage Bins

The gasket boxes I use are by a company called Sterilite. They are US made (yay!) and are very nice. The gasket seals them well and will keep critters out of your precious food. Buy them at home improvement stores or Amazon. When they’re not on sale, pay no more than $10 each for these.

The other boxes I use are by Hefty, and they’re relatively new. They are a great size (a case of Spam fits nicely, in one layer deep) and are inexpensive. Again, at a home improvement store (try Lowes) – about $6 each.

For storing home canned goods, get Pantry in a Box. They come in quart and pint sizes and make finding things so easy. Plus, your items stay out of the light and in the event of an earthquake, they will not be as likely to fall and break.



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