Do You Have 5 Ways to Light The Night During a Power Outage?

Oil Lamp at Sunset

Instead of suffering through the next power outage with inadequate lighting, take charge of your future and properly outfit your family in the lighting department. It will serve both the current SHTF coming at you in the form of any number of weather emergencies, but should the very worst happen, you’re also not just hanging on – you’re actually having a good time. And you can more easily lend a hand to your neighbors or your extended family who didn’t prepare when you’re properly outfitted.

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Preparing the Unprepared: 5 Ways To Help Your Loved Ones

Head In Sand

Many of us have loved ones who are rigidly unprepared. To us, they seem to have their heads in the sand and anytime you share with them what you are doing and where you are with your preps, they roll their eyes (figuratively, if not literally) and bury their heads even deeper. Outside of an honest, straightforward conversation on the topic, what can a prepared person do for those he or she loves?

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Introducing Amazon Coupons for Preparedness:

Welcome to the first in my new series of Amazon coupons for preparedness. Every Thursday, I’ll publish a new set of Amazon coupons. They’re published by category. This week we’re talking toilet paper and paper towels (jump right to the coupons). Next time, it might be cooking gear or batteries.

I’ve developed this program as a service to all of us who are interested in preparedness. I hope you find it useful. The coupons are updated daily, so come by before you make a purchase so you can make sure you are saving money on your preps.

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