Become More Water Secure By Finding A Spring

Finding a Spring

Reliance Products Desert Patrol 6 Gallon Traditional Jeep Style Rigid Water Container

Finding a spring and having an alternative source of water is an easy way to help you become more water secure. Plus, for those of us on municipal water supplies, there’s the added bonus of not consuming the chemicals added to our water sources.

Now we have the pleasure of visiting our local spring and filling up our water containers (we use the Reliance water containers I found on Amazon – I like them because they’re very durable and compact, but still hold a good 6 gallons of water). We always have at least a minimal stock of water on hand, and it’s clean and clear. We tested our water with a water quality tester I found on Amazon – a great little tool for determining how much dissolved solids are in your water, which is a indicator of it’s cleanliness.

Finding a spring is sometimes hard, so we used to find a spring near us. You can even submit a spring (if you feel like sharing!).

Here are some of my favorite tools for harvesting spring water…

Water Container - Become More Water Secure By Finding A Spring

Because they are squared, these rigid containers can be stacked more efficiently than round ones can. Plus, they are very durable (they won’t leak!). We use these weekly to harvest spring water.





We keep this little tool with us in the car. Each time we harvest spring water, we test it. It’s inexpensive, and I personally won’t drink water that I haven’t tested with this tool.

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