Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter

The Best Water Filtration: Katadyn Ceradyn Water Filter


In the event of an emergency, you’ll need clean water. We researched all types – from portable styles for hikers/campers, to larger “basecamp” type models. We concluded that the larger, “basecamp” style of water filter would suit our needs longer term because we will use it every day, not just for emergencies or disasters. Our water has all sorts of junk in it and to be honest, I just don’t like the taste of it.

So we looked three models of gravity filters on Amazon. Here’s what we found:

1. Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter
2. Katadyn TRK Drip Gravidyn Water Filter
3. and the classic, Original Big Berkey
Original Big Berkey

We almost ordered the Big Berkey. It’s the original classic used by those who prepare for emergencies all over the world.  But the Berkey has some drawbacks:

1. The metal containers are easily damaged during shipping.

2. It is the highest priced of the three we considered.

3. Because the containers are metal, you cannot see the water levels (necessary for refilling!).

4. Some reviews were very credible and very poor.

OK, so no thank you Big Berkey.

We looked next at the Swiss-made Katadyn range.

Katadyn is known for it’s high-quality water filtration systems, especially for the smaller, portable types. Amazon offers two models of larger basecamp water filters from Katadyn:

Katadyn Ceradyn Water Filter and the Katadyn Gravidyn Water Filter.

Very confusing naming, so here’s the main difference:

Katadyn Ceradyn Water Filter

The Ceradyn only has a ceramic filter and lasts for years.

Katadyn Gravidyn Water Filter

The Gravidyn has a ceramic + charcoal filter. The charcoal filter in the Gravidyn makes the water taste better (that’s what’s in your Britta or other inexpensive filter). BUT, the charcoal filter needs to be changed every 6 months or you could build up some nastiness.

Bottom line: Ceradyn can handle 39,000 gallons before replacing. Gravidyn: only 2790 gallons.

So the Ceradyn Water Filter  was the best of the bunch from the 3 units looked at based on our needs.

Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter The Katadyn Ceradyn water filter sits on the counter. The translucent water containers show the water level, which makes it easy to know when to refill.

The water tastes great from the Ceradyn Water Filter.  Sitting on our counter top and we use it daily , so we’re naturally prepared. In the event of an emergency where we’d have to filter out nastiness, or gather water from impure sources, we are already accustomed to filtering our water – we know it works, we know how to work it. The water drums are made out of a sturdy food-grade plastic, and they fit inside one another for easy transport. It’s Swiss designed and made, plus, it is used all over the world for just this very thing: filtering out water nastiness.

Check out the great reviews of the Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter, and be one step closer to prepared, happily!


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