Cooking after the Apocalypse: How Many Portable Stoves Does a Survivor Need?

Cooking after the Apocalypse: How Many Portable Stoves Does a Survivor Need?

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Spam VS Ham: 6 Shelf-Stable Meats to Consider

When you think shelf-stable, do you immediately think of shelf-stable meat? Me neither. I mean, sure, my pantry is full of the usual zombie-fighting foods – canned milk and corn, yeah, but meat has been an issue we’ve been debating around the ol’ Prephappy offices lately. Do we stock up on canned meat or just […]

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9 Sneaky Gifts for Non-Prepper Cooks

As a prepper, I want to give my head-in-the sand loved ones the security I find in being prepared. But I’ve tried this before, and it just didn’t work out so great. What I found out, and you may have discovered for yourself, is that my non-prepper loved ones think I’m nuts. And my thoughtful prepper gifts were most likely re-gifted to someone at their workplace as a going away gift. Note to self: “no prepper gifts to non-preppers.”

So now, I’ve gotten sneaky about it and started fitting the prep to the person. If you’re looking for the right gifts for your non-prepper loved ones, try this: recall a problem that your loved one has expressed during the past year, and solve that problem with a prep. Once you start doing this, you’ll might find that it gets easier to give prepper gifts to non-preppers. It won’t solve all their problems, but let’s face it, neither will the hand-crank radio you gave them last year, now forgotten in a closet.

Today, I’m sharing with you my list of gifts for non-preppers cooks. We all like food, right?

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Egg Beater

Manual Kitchen Tools for Modern Survivalists: Whipped Edition

Perhaps you’ve been pining for some of those old manual kitchen tools you see in your local antique stores or on EBay. You’ve put serious thought to acquiring a few of them – just in case. You know that when the power goes out, these manual kitchen tools are invaluable resources. There’s a reason Grandma cherished hers, after all.

Plus, Grandma could really throw a punch with her “egg beater arm” – and that’s not a bad skill to have either!

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Brewing Coffee Without Power

Coffee After the Apocalypse Tutorial: How to Grind and Brew Coffee Without Electricity

In part one of this tutorial, I showed you how to roast coffee beans without electricity.

Why would you do this instead of just drinking instant in the event of a power loss? Well, some of us really like real coffee. Instant is great, but sometimes you just need something real – especially in times of distress. And green coffee beans store exceedingly well for the long term.

If you are at all concerned about planning for a prolonged power outage, being able to go from green coffee bean to a cup of brewed coffee is a powerful thing. I know of one person who plans on doing this as a barter – not bartering the beans, but bartering brewed coffee as a means of survival.

Even if you don’t plan on being the post-apocalyptic Starbucks, a brewed cup of coffee is never too far away if you’re set up right.

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