5 Ways To Take Your Coffee Off The Grid

Imagine that you had to give up real brewed coffee – cold turkey – starting tomorrow morning. When the lights go out one day in the future, and whatever happens does indeed happen, most of us aren’t going to want to give up coffee suddenly. And instant coffee, for many of us, just won’t cut it – especially in a stressful situation.

If you are a coffee drinker, now is the time to take a very important preparation: start making your coffee today like you would in that scary “tomorrow.” Now, I don’t mean you should go out on your back porch in your slippers and blaze up the wood hacked from your desk to start a fire and make some wild-harvested chicory brew. Instead, what I suggest is that you set your coffee procedure up today to be able to move into a world without power with ease.

Here’s 5 ways that will help you move from totally grid-dependent coffee to partially grid-dependent coffee, which will transition into off-the-grid coffee should the worst case scenario happen. The bonus: these are really tasty ways to prep.

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Survival Food - Canned Sardines

6 Gourmet Shelf-Stable Meats to Consider

Last week, I wrote about 6 shelf-stable canned meats to consider. It was controversial: ancient canned meat memories got stirred up, I didn’t mention salmon (that’s because I detest it), and let’s not even mention nitrates. And at the ol’ Prephappy homestead, we tried deep frying Vienna sausages and tweaked our spam and eggs and […]

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Ghee In My Pantry

Butter After the Apocalypse: Introducing Ghee

Butter is crazy-difficult to store – we all know that. It goes rancid quickly if not kept cool, and even when kept cool, the length of time you can keep it is pretty short. Canned “survival butter” is expensive and hard to find. So is there butter after the apocalypse? How would you store it […]

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