Emergency Skills


Bug Out With This Skill and You’ll Always Have Shelter

Learn how to always have a roof over your head – no matter what happens. Share with someone you wish to always be sheltered from a storm.

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How the Nastiest Grease Can Save Your Bacon in a Blackout

You’re gonna want to save more of your leftover grease after you see what clever folks on the interwebs are doing with it.

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Girlscouts Shooting Guns

5 Surprising Survival Skills You Can Learn From Girl Scouts

When we talk about preparedness or survival skills, we sometimes say that we’re “being a good scout”, implying that we’re being a good boy scout. But let me lay something on you that you may not have considered – is it possible that we can learn survival skills from girl scouts as well?

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Hunting a Christmas Tree to Cut with the Chainmate Survival Saw

An Easy Way to Down a Tree: Chainmate Survival Pocket Chain Saw

Do you own a survival pocket chain saw yet? If not, you might want to consider the Chainmate CM-24SSP 24-Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw With Pouch. It’s a great tool for your emergency kit: small, compact, highly useful, and unlike many tools on the market now, it is Made in America. Yep, made right here […]

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