Keep Fit or it doesn't Matter

Your Stockpile Size Doesn’t Matter if You’re Not Doing This

Why your stockpile size isn’t the only thing that matters for survival – and why it’s not too late to fix it.

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Bug Out With This Skill and You’ll Always Have Shelter

Learn how to always have a roof over your head – no matter what happens. Share with someone you wish to always be sheltered from a storm.

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How the Nastiest Grease Can Save Your Bacon in a Blackout

You’re gonna want to save more of your leftover grease after you see what clever folks on the interwebs are doing with it.

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Spam VS Ham: 6 Shelf-Stable Meats to Consider

When you think shelf-stable, do you immediately think of shelf-stable meat? Me neither. I mean, sure, my pantry is full of the usual zombie-fighting foods – canned milk and corn, yeah, but meat has been an issue we’ve been debating around the ol’ Prephappy offices lately. Do we stock up on canned meat or just […]

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Hide Your Valuables

6 Ways to Hide Valuables in Plain Sight

You’ve got some good stuff in your house. Stuff you don’t want the washer repairman to see, stuff you don’t want the housekeeping service to take note of. It might be ammo, coins, guns, bottles of Jack Daniels. Important stuff.

You’ve considered a safe. But they’re expensive and well, they’re also a target. Any invader knows that’s where the really good stuff is.

You’ve considered a home security system. But it’s useless when the power is out.

What about a dog? We all love our dogs, but most are more of a warning system than a way to hide gold coins.

What about just finding a way to hide valuables in plain sight?


Here’s 6 ideas on how to hide your valuables using ordinary items you may already have hanging around. Just remember to create a dummy safe – buy a used one and put some bricks in it. This will keep a burglar busy.

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