Egg Beater

Manual Kitchen Tools for Modern Survivalists: Whipped Edition

Perhaps you’ve been pining for some of those old manual kitchen tools you see in your local antique stores or on EBay. You’ve put serious thought to acquiring a few of them – just in case. You know that when the power goes out, these manual kitchen tools are invaluable resources. There’s a reason Grandma cherished hers, after all.

Plus, Grandma could really throw a punch with her “egg beater arm” – and that’s not a bad skill to have either!

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6 Ways to Hack Outdoor Solar Lights for Survival

It’s that startling moment when the lights go out in the middle of the night.

You haven’t had time to mount your flashlights next to your bed. And you can’t find your candles in the complete dark. As you stumble about, you notice a white glow coming from your vegetable garden.
It’s the solar lighting you put out there earlier this year.

Often overlooked as a preparedness tool, solar lighting is something we should all consider. You can use them in many other ways than just looking pretty: from increasing egg production, to charging batteries, to preparing your unprepared loved ones.

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