Dulce de Leche – A Caramel Treat That’s Easy to Make, Even without Power

In my preparedness lessons, I give out our family recipe for Dulce de Leche caramel. Dulce de Leche is a confection you make by cooking milk and sugar to create a caramel.

This is a favorite in our family and easy to make. It’s especially good because it’s 100% shelf stable, can be made ahead of time and kept for a long period, and can be made without electricity. Kids love it.

You can make this non fat, low fat, or full fat. My favorite is low fat or non fat. You can always make it full fat. But whenever I say “full fat” to myself, I cringe.

I promised pictures in my lesson (this is in lesson #1), so here they are. The Dulce de Leche caramel looks a little grainy because I forgot it while cooking and it started to crystallize. It’s actually deeeeeelish this way – especially if you like butterscotch candy (like the one from See’s candies). I used the non-fat for this version.

Tasty on apples – these came from a tree in an abandoned lot in my neighborhood:

dulce de leche with apple - survival food


Great on toast:

Dulce de Leche - survival food


Get the fat-free sweetened condensed milk you’ll need to make this by the case here on Amazon. The fat-free is hard to find, so that’s why I list it in my store. Otherwise, full fat and low fat are easy to find in your local store.

To get the recipe, sign up for my free preparedness lessons. It’s in lesson #1.

I hope you guys love it as much as we do!

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