Emergency Crank Radio Torch Charger

Emergency Crank Radio Torch Charger: For Your Emergency Equipment List

When a disaster strikes, and the electricity goes off, most people will turn to their cell phones. Whether it’s used for light, music, contacting  people, the internet or just finding out what’s going on, what happens when your phone dies? This Emergency Crank Solar Radio Torch Charger will solve your problem.

Like most PrepHappy product recommendations, it serves double-duty for camping and backpacking, or as an off-the-grid night time reading light. Hey, the sun’s free and so you might as well take advantage of it.

At around $40, this is a no-brainer. Amazon has two colors currently: Green and Orange. The Orange version has the higher 6000mAh rechargeable battery pack.

2021 Newest Design MD-090P.

Based on MD-090 emergency flashlight radio and customer’s feedback, the unit has been optimized and upgraded with a lot of features.  A 4000mAh replaceable li-ion battery can charge more than one smartphone. The lighting functions include super-bright 3 mode flashlight and motion sensor reading lamp.

Nature is unpredictable, but you can be prepared and ready to face all of her fury.

The emergency crank radio receives weather broadcasts and all hazard information for your area like hurricanes and tornadoes,, giving you critical time for you to get prepared, keeping you and your family safe.


The solar radio is fitted with a 4000mAh replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery. These batteries are found in every household and easy to buy in the local store or Amazon.  With a  Micro USB charger socket, the Solar and Hand-crank  charger can  supply the flashlight, radio and your phone with enough power to last for days after the storm has passed, and until the power comes back on. 

The unit comes with a 18-months warranty.

Check out the Emergency Solar Crank Radio Torch Charger at Amazon


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