Car Crash

6 Ways to Survive and Be Found After a Car Crash

It’s the first rain after a long dry spell, and the roads are a slippery mix of water and built-up road oil. The road you’re on is a narrow two lanes. It has tight curves and sudden drops. Suddenly, you’re hit in the face with two bright lights from an oncoming car. You swerve to miss and you find yourself flying. There’s no more road.


You wake up and find that you’re at the bottom of a ravine in complete darkness. Alive. Stunned, yes. But alive. Thanks be to God.

This actually happened to a man named David Lavau. In 2011, he lost control of his vehicle in a situation similar to this. His family thought he was a goner. But five days later, the local police traced Mr. Lavau’s cell phone to the general area of the crash and his family went in search of him. They found him six days into his ordeal. He had survived by eating black ants and drinking dirty creek water.

In 2011, I read his story and realizing that I did not have jack in my car to survive, I took some lessons from it and got my car outfitted. Here’s what I learned →

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Egg Beater

Manual Kitchen Tools for Modern Survivalists: Whipped Edition

Perhaps you’ve been pining for some of those old manual kitchen tools you see in your local antique stores or on EBay. You’ve put serious thought to acquiring a few of them – just in case. You know that when the power goes out, these manual kitchen tools are invaluable resources. There’s a reason Grandma cherished hers, after all.

Plus, Grandma could really throw a punch with her “egg beater arm” – and that’s not a bad skill to have either!

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How to Stock Your Food Storage With A Wholesale Account

Do you know where to buy American-grown lentils, garbanzos and green peas that will sprout so you can grow more? Do you know a place to get dried fruit, grown here in America, at wholesale prices? Do you have access to an American company that mills their own grains and sells them wholesale to individual customers? Read on to find out how to get these crucial survival foods at wholesale prices.

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Shelf Stable Mayo

Mayonnaise After The Apocalypse: How to Make Off-the-Grid Survival Mayo

Could you face a zombie apocalypse without mayonnaise?

This is a question only you can answer. While many of you know the pleasures of homemade mayonnaise, I’m presenting to you today the how-to on shelf-stable mayo made without any electricity. It’s what I call homemade survival food – simple to make as long as you have a few basic ingredients and the right tools.

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Thank A Farmer

Become More Food Secure: 5 Ways to Get to Know a Farmer

Are you able to sustain your family on your own garden? If so, then this post may not be for you.

But if you are concerned that you may not be able to grow enough food to happily feed your family, please take time to get to know a farmer. Building a personal relationship with a farmer will help you become more food secure both now and in the long run. And I don’t mean kissing a farmer’s butt – but rather, show them your appreciation in a real way. Farmers work very hard for little return, and they keep us all well-fed with beautiful food.

We are lucky to have them.

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