6 Surprisingly Useful School Supplies for the Super-Prepared

School supplies are very useful to the super-prepared, for they help us become more organized as a people. Organization is one of the key skills that separates us preppers from common hoarders. Well, that and we know how to use a machete (kept under our beds) to hack our way out of a collapsed building after the Cascadia fault line shifts.

Since it is back to school time across America, school supplies are plentiful and cheap right now. We’re all about taking advantage of seasonal pricing at the ol’ Prephappy offices, so it’s at this time of year that we replenish our stock of school supplies.

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Survival Food - Canned Sardines

6 Gourmet Shelf-Stable Meats to Consider

Last week, I wrote about 6 shelf-stable canned meats to consider. It was controversial: ancient canned meat memories got stirred up, I didn’t mention salmon (that’s because I detest it), and let’s not even mention nitrates. And at the ol’ Prephappy homestead, we tried deep frying Vienna sausages and tweaked our spam and eggs and […]

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