Keep Fit or it doesn't Matter

Your Stockpile Size Doesn’t Matter if You’re Not Doing This

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Why your stockpile size isn’t the only thing that matters for survival – and why it’s not too late to fix it.

You’ve been hauling 50 lb bags of flour and hoisting cases of creamed corn all year long. This is a prepper’s life – hauling. It seems like that’s a lot of what we do.

In the event of a prolonged disaster, you’re going to probably be doing a lot more hauling than you do now – farming, bartering, raising livestock, and hunting all take a lot of strength that some of us (a-hem) have been a bit lax about. And if we’re weak and out of shape now, our chances of injury and general malaise are a lot greater in the future. Yes, our chances. I’m guilty of this myself.

So if you’re at all concerned about your body making it through a disaster like I am, take a look at these common-sense workouts. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a crisis and unable to keep up.

A few things to consider before you get started:

1. A thick floor mat is really great to have – especially for tricky knees and stiff backs. I have this floor mat and love how thick and cushy it is.

2. If you’re no good at reading your own pulse (I’m not), you’ll need one of these.

3. Oh yeah, and the obligatory “before you begin any exercise routine, consult your physician.” (For those of you on the Aluminum Plan, perhaps the robot that dispenses your meds will be of assistance.)


Designed by Scott Sonnon – a former MMA (Mixed Marshall Arts) world champion (here’s all his workouts). What he noticed throughout the fitness world is that there’s a lot of emphasis on hard work, but there’s not a lot of emphasis on recovery of the muscles. So in his Tacfit system, he builds recovery into every workout.

This is a very good introduction to this easy-to-incorporate-into-your-life workout.

16 Minutes of Aussie Style

An all-over workout you can do in 16 minutes. She’s very encouraging – not at all drill sergeanty! And the boots are flippin’ rad.

If you want more workout videos, check out the best selling fitness video on Amazon.

How are you getting in shape these days?

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